Software Development Kits

SRI's software development kits (SDK) enable product engineers to embed speech recognition into their products and services. SRI's SDKs include developer application programming interfaces and documentation, and the speech recognition runtime engine.

The EduSpeak® SDK is a speech recognition system for computer-based learning and training applications such as foreign language education, English as a second language (ESL), reading development and interactive tutoring, and corporate training and simulation. more...

DynaSpeak® is a small footprint, high accuracy speaker independent speech recognition engine that scales from embedded to large-scale systems for use in industrial, consumer, and military products and systems. more...

SRI Language Modeling Toolkit
The SRI Language Modeling Toolkit (SRILM) is a toolkit for building and applying statistical language models, primarily for use in speech recognition, translation, statistical tagging and segmentation. Developers of products requiring natural language processing can make use of SRILM to train statistical language models. For more information on SRILM, click here.